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Microsoft Officially Releases Microsoft Edge for Mac – But does the world care?

May 20, 2019

Microsoft has officially released the Microsoft Edge for Mac preview, which contains optimizations made specifically to make it look and feel like a macOS application.

Last month we reported that the download URLs for the Microsoft Edge browser for Mac were leaked online, which allowed users to try the browser before it was officially released.

Today, Microsoft officially released the Microsoft Edge for Mac on the Microsoft Edge Insider site. The released version is

According to Microsoft, they have tweaked the user interface for the Mac version to make it feel more like a macOS application.

“Examples of this include a number of tweaks to match macOS conventions for fonts, menus, keyboard shortcuts, title casing, and other areas. You will continue to see the look and feel of the browser evolve in future releases as we continue to experiment, iterate and listen to customer feedback.”

Like the previously leaked version, this build has good performance and displays web sites as you would expect.

The Microsoft Edge for Mac preview also includes the Microsoft Defender Browser Protection extension in order to bring Smartscreen functionality to macOS.

With this extension installed, Edge will query SmartScreen before visiting a site to determine if the site is malicious. If it is, it will block you from visiting the site.

Includes macOS specific features
The Microsoft Edge preview for Mac contains some features that are specific to macOS.

These features allow you to tweak the interface so that it further matches macOS applications that you may be used to.

These flags can be found under edge://flags and are described below:

Leading tab close button:
Enables a new layout for tabs which shows the close button on the leading side, replacing the favicon on hover.

Enable Auto Import features:
Auto Import bookmarks, history, tabs, settings, extensions, auto form fill, and payment information from different browsers.

Enable Anaheim first experience:
Shows a preview of Anaheim features on the first run.

Enable Microsoft Defender Browser Protection Extension:
Enables the Microsoft Defender Browser Protection extension to protect the user from malicious sites.

Microsoft Edge Touch Bar:
Control tabs and media from the keyboard on MacBook Pro laptops with touch bar.

I suggest you play around with the various flags to see what works for you. You can always set them back to default by going into edge://flags and setting the flag to Default.

But again, why would we care? If you are dedicated Mac user, you typically abhor Microsoft products……..

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