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GandCrab Ransomware Shutting Down After Claiming to Earn $2.5 Billion

June 2, 2019

After almost a year and a half, the operators behind the GrandCrab Ransomware are shutting down their operation and affiliates are being told to stop distributing the ransomware.

Filling the gaps left behind by the shutdown of large scale ransomware operations such as TeslaCrypt, CryptoWall, and Spora, GandCrab exploded into the ransomware world on January 28th, 2018, when they started marketing their services on underground criminal sites.

Since then, they had become one of the dominant, if not the most dominant, actors in ransomware operations, with their operations only starting to slow down over the past few months.

According to security researchers Damian and David Montenegro who have been following the exploits of GandCrab on the underground hacking and malware forum Exploit.in, the GandCrab operators have posted that they are shutting down their operation.

With this announcement, GandCrab has said they have stopped promoting the ransomware, asked the affiliates to stop distributing the ransomware within 20 days, and asked their topic to be deleted at the end of the month.

They have also told victims to pay for needed decryption now as their keys will be deleted at the end of the month. This is could be the last money grab and we hope that the GandCrab devs will follow other large ransomware operations and release the keys when shutting down.

BleepingComputer has reached out to the developers and asked them to do so.

Historically, BleepingComputer has seen large-scale ransomware operations fill the void left when another ransomware shuts down. It would not be surprising to see another operation spring up in the near future, especially when as noted by GandCrab:

“We have proven that by doing evil deeds, retribution does not come.”

Lofty claims of earnings

While the operators behind GandCrab most likely made many millions of dollars, the claims of $2 billion in ransom payments are very likely to be untrue.

These lofty claims are not surprising, as the developers of GrandCrab have always been jokesters and have engaged security researchers in ways most malware developers do not.

Using taunts, jokes, and references to organizations and researchers in their code, it was obvious that the GandCrab developers were monitoring us as much as we were monitoring them and got a big kick out of it.

For example, in their first release of the ransomware, GandCrab decided to use domain names for their Command & Control servers that are based on organizations and sites known for ransomware research.

It was not all fun and games, though, for the GandCrab operators also had a vindictive streak. After AhnLab released a vaccine app for GandCrab, the ransomware developers contacted BleepingComputer to tell us that they were releasing a zero-day for the AhnLab v3 Lite antivirus.

While the GandCrab antics have been amusing at times, they ultimately inflicted a lot of pain and suffering on many people who lost their data, work, and potentially even businesses. Their shutdown of operations is a good thing. But this, usually, will just lead to a copycat trying to produce the same illegal financial gains so stay prepared and guarded.

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