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Service Desk

Have an issue and have to wait forever for someone to resolve it? With our award winning remote management platform, we can quickly and efficiently resolve your issues, saving you valuable time. We have over 600 service desk staff scheduled around the clock to help with your issues. Your company will get a dedicated team so that your staff and our staff can get to know each other and your needs.

Automatic Updates

Does your current technology partner make sure that all of your systems and business applications are up to date and current? We automatically deploy all relevant critical and security patches to your computers and servers and they are thoroughly tested in a lab environment prior to release to our clients.


Anti-Virus can only do so much in protecting your systems, does your current platform include anti-malware and cloud based heuristics? All covered computers and servers come with an anti-virus and anti-malware suite, protecting you from viruses and other evils like ransomware. It is fully managed in the cloud for critical activity and updates.


It is 2 A.M. Are you covered? You've been told you are covered but when you call at 2 A.M. do you get an answering service instead of a technician? Our managed service platform comes with 24x7x365 support. No matter what time of day is, someone is always answering the phones and watching for tickets. And you will always get a staff member and not an answering service.

Proactive Administration

Have you experienced downtime that you found out afterwards that it could have been prevented by simple server maintenance? We employ senior network administrators and engineers who not only react to issues that arise, but also perform proactive maintenance on a monthly basis.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Do you have to call your technology provider if a server goes down? What if your internet service goes down? With our remote network monitoring solution we will know that status of your servers, switches, routers, wireless access points and firewalls. This includes configuration backups on a scheduled basis.

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