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The Weather Channel stopped its live broadcasting this morning due to a security incident that lasted for at least 90 minutes.

Details are scant at the moment and a tweet from the station does not lift the haze, informing only that it was the victim of “a malicious software attack on the network.”

When the “AMHQ” show should have started this morning at 6 AM ET, viewers saw taped programming “Heavy Rescue,” some viewers complained on Twitter.

More than 90 minutes later, the live show returned with its anchors informing of the cyber incident. Restoring the normal program was possible thanks to backup systems.

In the official statement on Twitter, The Weather Channel says that federal law enforcement is on the case. However, nothing was said about the nature of the cyber attack or the malware used.

According to 11 Alive News, the attack was caused by ransomware, but no information was provided to support this affirmation. Using the backup system to restore functionality suggests an attack of this type, though.

BleepingComputer contacted The Weather Channel for more information about the incident but had not heard back at publishing time.

Some viewers were curious to know who would have anything against the station. Naturally, in true Twitter spirit, jokes started pouring, with the Weather Wizard being first on the list.

The nerdier viewers that keep up with the technological advancements recommended the network to host their infrastructure in the cloud. Of course, the weather jokes did not stop at this. A menacing GIF let the perp know that they’ve got a bit storm coming for what they did.

Others chirped that this event is the work of someone that blamed the station for the actual weather, and Russians were also on the list of potential culprits.

Regardless of who is behind the attack, the possiblity of a targeted attack is unlikely. A more credible possibilty is a run-of-the-mill phishing attack.

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